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Applewood Boarding Kennel recognizes that arthritis can be a serious health care issue in your dog.

Identifying the cause and possible treatment options is essential.

We have found this article at Heal Your Dog Naturally, a site dedicated to providing the best natural treatments for your dog.

Arthritis In Your Dog

arthritis in dogsArthritis is actually a illness of the joints.  It can be triggered by too much pressure on the joints over a period of time, or it could be caused by an underlying medical problem.

Like humans, K-9’s can get arthritis. As opposed to humans, they can’t voice their discomfort aloud.  This is the reason it is actually important for the pet dog owner to recognize the signs of arthritis in pet dogs and how to treat it.  It truly is equally critical to know the different causes of arthritis and how it can be avoided.

Causes of Puppy Arthritis

Arthritis may be either a degenerative problem or an inflamed condition.  Older dogs are far more prone to degenerative arthritis because of the wear and tear on the joints.  The joints hold the skeleton together and can be described to be like hinges. Cartilage protects the joints.  The destruction of this cartilage is what causes arthritis in pet dog.

In some cases, the result in is unknown, though it’s frequently due to excessive anxiety on the joints more than a period of time.  In other situations, arthritis in pet dogs can inflammatory arthritis that just flares up.  Disease like Lyme Illness or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever can cause this condition in pet dogs.

Symptoms of Dog Arthritis

Due to the fact K-9’s cannot relay their feelings, a puppy owner wants to watch for them.  Symptoms of arthritis in canines involve the following:

  • Limping/unable to run
  • Unwillingness to spend time playing
  • Problems getting up
  • Yelping or barking when caressed
  • Resisting touch
  • Difficulty climbing up stairs
  • Slow walking

These symptoms needs to be checked out by a vet to diagnose arthritis.  Because arthritis in pet dogs is usually the result of an infection, canine owners should not just put this condition down to age.

Therapy For Arthritis in Dogs

Treatment of family dog arthritis includes medication with painkillers in some situations.  There are many medicines on the market which will relieve the painful inflammation that comes with arthritis.  Any medication given to the pet dog needs to be carried out so on the guidance of a qualified vet.

Other therapy solutions consist of surgery in some circumstances.  Creating sure that the puppy receives right rest and is kept warm is also advised.  A veterinarian would be the very best person to advise therapy for the canine in a case exactly where arthritis has been diagnosed.

Within the case of an infection which is causing an inflammatory arthritis, the underlying condition must be treated.  Again, the vet is going to be able to prescribe remedy also as discomfort killers to treat each the infection as well because the painful symptoms in the illness.

Prevention of Pet Dog Arthritis

In the case of degenerative arthritis in K-9’s, owners can safeguard their K-9’s by making confident that they do not become overweight.  Added weight puts strain on the cartilage and may lead to arthritis.  A wholesome diet plan is vital for the wellness of any puppy and can aid preserve the puppy at his correct weight.

Adequate rest is also needed.  Canines should not be overworked without getting allowed to rest.  A lot of K-9’s will perform themselves to exhaustion since they choose to please their owners.  Dog owners ought to  make sure that their hunting companions are correctly rested and kept warm following every day of hunting to ensure that they can support to stop this disease.

Additionally, creating certain that dogs don’t fall prey to diseases that will result in arthritis is really a important factor in prevention.  K-9’s really should be protected against Lyme Illness, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and other tick or mosquito bite infections which will result in this painful inflammation of the joints.