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Lyme Disease is a serious threat to any dog as well as their human owners.

Applewood Boarding Kennel has searched for great information about Lyme Disease and found that dogs which accompany their owners out hunting are at great risk.

To help you better understand Lyme Disease, its diagnosis and treatment, we have located this article at Heal Your Dog Naturally.

Understanding Lyme Disease

lyme disease in dogsLyme illness is spread by ticks, mainly deer ticks.

Whenever you take your family dog out hunting, you run the threat of him acquiring Lyme Illness thanks to ticks.  This is especially true should you be hunting within the woods.  Deer ticks aren’t the only ticks that could lead to illness, having said that.

It seems as if any component in the country which you reside, you will find some sort of tick which can not simply pose a danger to your puppy, but to you at the same time.

Different Types Of Ticks

The Lone Star Tick is one tick which will result in Ehrilichosis Illness and is primarily identified in the Eastern portion from the country.  You may come across the Lone Star Tick in Maine too as Florida.  It also could be identified as west as Oklahoma.  These will lead to a rash that is extremely comparable to Lyme Disease and may be normally identified in meadows as well as young forests.

American Canine And Rocky Mountain Ticks are discovered throughout the country and will trigger Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in both humans and pet dogs.  They are able to be discovered in grassy meadows, along trails and also in young forests.  They are 1 in the couple of ticks which can be not confined to wooded areas.

Brown Canine friend Tick could be the most widespread tick and is located in 49 states.  It can be in cracks in the cement about the residence, pet dog runs, walls, in homes and even sandy locations.  It can lead to various illnesses that present very comparable to Lyme Illness.

Deer Ticks are the ticks which can be normally located in thick forests and are the cause of Lyme Illness.  They are common inside the Southern states as well as the Eastern states as well as the Midwest.  Some Deer ticks have also begun to appear on the West Coast also.  They are able to also result in other conditions in addition to Lyme Disease.

Protect Yourself Against Lyme Disease

Needless to say, you need to shield your self and your pet dog against Lyme disease as well as other diseases that come from ticks. For yourself, you need to use light clothing to ensure that you can essentially see ticks on you and also use DEET repellent.  For your canine friend, you should  use K9 Advantix that’s a item that may not simply defend your pet dog from ticks, but additionally mosquitoes and fleas, that could also be problematic.

It’s important to safeguard each your self and your dog from Lyme Illness.  Lyme Disease is typically hard to diagnose and can take an individual a lengthy time to recover.  Dogs also need extensive therapy in relation to Lyme Disease.

The very best technique to treat Lyme illness is to avoid it.  Other diseases that happen to be born by ticks can also be problematic for you and your puppy.  By understanding about Lyme Illness and how it is possible to prevent it from occurring, that you are one step ahead of these ticks.  Luckily, there are actually items that you can use that may protect each you and your pet dog from contacting Lyme Illness.