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Understanding Pet Diabetes

Pet Diabetes-Blood in Vials

When it comes to diabetes, animals are no different from humans. In other words, this illness is caused by the same things and results in the same health problems. In fact, dogs can develop both Type I and Type II diabetes, which must be treated in unique ways. For Type I, the body does not […]

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Proper Treatment For A Dog That Has Cancer

dog at rest

It is absolutely true that dogs are a man’s (or woman’s) best friend. Throughout history, dogs have provided tremendous service and been amazing companions so it is devastating when a pet becomes sick. While every breed is prone to certain health-related issues, finding out that a dog has cancer is something no pet owner wants […]

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Tips For Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

ear mite

Proper cleaning of your dog’s ears is essential and should be done about once per week. As you might imagine, most dogs don’t like having their ears cleaned. To help you understand how to clean your dog’s ears, it’s important to know a little about the inside of a dog’s ear. Your dog’s ear canal […]

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Traveling With A Dog

Transporting Pets

Applewood Boarding Kennel recognizes that traveling with your dog can sometimes cause your pet undue stress. However, sometimes traveling with your pet is necessary. If you need to do so, understanding ways to help reduce their stress level is important. We hope the information in this article is helpful in determining keeping your dog as […]

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Natural Flea Dip For Dogs-Top 3 Choices

lavender oil

Controlling fleas on your dog can be a challenge. This is in part due to the fact that fleas can multiply at an alarming rate. This is further complicated because these nasty little buggers start to infest your dogs environment…in other words…YOUR HOME! There are many products on the market today to help you with […]

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All Natural Dog Food

dog eating

Applewood Boarding Kennel recognizes that pets are member of our family. They deserve special attention when it comes to food choices. With humans, the better the food, the better your health, the same with your dog. There are many advantages of feeding natural foods to dogs. This article was highlighted on Heal Your Dog Naturally. […]

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Sao Miguel Cattle Dog

Sao Miguel Cattle Dog

Applewood Boarding Kennel supports all breed of dogs. To help dog lovers find the best breed to fit there needs we search for the best information available. This article was highlighted on Heal Your Dog Naturally. A website dedicated to the natural health and well-being of every dog. A Great Herding Dog-Azores Cattle Dog A […]

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Sussex Spaniel

Sessex Spaniel

The Sussex Spaniel is a great breed of dog, especially for those looking to have a hunting companion. Learn what makes the Sussex Spaniel a interesting breed. This article was found on Heal Your Dog Naturally; a website dedicated to promoting the health and well-being for all breeds of dogs. Despite the fact that it […]

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Lyme Disease

lyme disease in dogs

Lyme Disease is a serious threat to any dog as well as their human owners. Applewood Boarding Kennel has searched for great information about Lyme Disease and found that dogs which accompany their owners out hunting are at great risk. To help you better understand Lyme Disease, its diagnosis and treatment, we have located this […]

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