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The Sussex Spaniel is a great breed of dog, especially for those looking to have a hunting companion. Learn what makes the Sussex Spaniel a interesting breed.

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Sessex SpanielDespite the fact that it originated in England, the Sussex Spaniel is additional normally discovered in the United States these days than within the United Kingdom.

The Sussex Spaniel is a tiny breed of hunting dog that specializes in flushing out prey in deep undergrowths or other tough terrains.  There is no distinction between the breed that works and those which are for show and crossovers happen all of the time with this breed of family dog.

History of the Sussex Spaniel

The Sussex Spaniel goes back all of the solution to 1795 when a desire for bird dogs to perform in areas with rough terrain and thick undergrowth though flushing out prey and barking to alert the hunter.  It can be believed that the first Sussex Spaniels originated from the Field Spaniel, Springer Spaniels an the Liver and White Norfolk, a breed that’s now extinct.

What exactly is known is that the Sussex Spaniel was admitted towards the stud book inside the AKC in 1884, but became much less common within the United Kingdom to ensure that only 10 of these dogs had been located inside the English Kennel Club shortly immediately after WWII.   The breed has had a revival in England along with the United States but currently is far more prevalent inside the US than within the UK.

Look with the Sussex Spaniel

The Sussex Spaniel has a golden liver coat that’s very lengthy and silky.  It looks very a lot like the Clumber Spaniel, but is smaller and lighter in weight.  It has a fuller head than the English Cocker Spaniel and has hazel colored eyes.  The nose and rims with the eyes really should be the very same color with the coat.  The legs with the Sussex Spaniel are incredibly brief, making it perfect for getting about in an underbrush.  In spite of being so smaller, the breed is really strong with robust bones.  The coat should be brushed to keep it from matting.

The typical Sussex Spaniel is about 14 inches high and weights 40 pounds. Females of the breed are slightly smaller than males.

Use of the Sussex Spaniel

The Sussex Spaniel is utilized to hunt prey in the woods or tough terrain.  It alerts the hunter to the prey and excels when hunting tiny game inside the deep woods.  It isn’t the right dog for hunting birds for the reason that it’s going to scare them off with its bark.  Furthermore to alerting the hunter to prey, it can also be trained to retrieve prey and bring it towards the hand with the hunter.

The Sussex Spaniel likes the water and is often trained to retrieve waterfowl too for the hunter.  Hunters who like the Sussex Spaniel as a hunting companion do so mainly because the family dog is smaller enough to fit even into a canoe without having upsetting the boat and can get through tough thicket where it could be challenging to spot prey.

As far as temperament goes, the Sussex Spaniel is an simple canine friend to train and gets along properly with other family members members.  It’s not as hyper as the English Cocker Spaniel, but not as sedate as the Clumber Spaniel.   Due to its smaller size, it makes an perfect hunting companion for hunter using a modest home as it does not need a good deal of room to roam.  It’s also an excellent hunting dog for households with smaller kids.