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Applewood Boarding Kennel recognizes that traveling with your dog can sometimes cause your pet undue stress.

However, sometimes traveling with your pet is necessary. If you need to do so, understanding ways to help reduce their stress level is important.

We hope the information in this article is helpful in determining keeping your dog as stress free as possible the next time they join you on a trip.


Traveling with your pet requires preparation and good advance planning.  Don’t make a journey without proper identification, health certificate and medical records.

Traveling With A Dog

Transporting PetsYour pet may need to familiarize himself with traveling in your vehicle, as not all dogs like car travel, so it is best to take him for short trips and build up to a longer journey.

When traveling with a dog in your vehicle, be sure to use proper restraints.

Many companies now make seat belt systems and travel crates. To keep your pet safe, a dog crate has proved the most popular investment.

A car traveling 35 miles per hour can add 30 pounds at impact on your dog in an accident.

Keep your pet safely secured while you travel on the road.

Do NOT leave your dog locked in a car. In 70 degree weather it takes very little time for the temperature to climb into triple digits.

Several inches of open window is insufficient ventilation. It will soon be against the law to leave your dog alone in a vehicle. In extreme temperatures, do not consider taking your dog in your car.

Traveling With A Dog In A Hotel

Many hotels welcome pets.  Make sure your beloved pet has a place to spend the night, so do your research in advance.

When visiting a ‘dog friendly’ hotel, proper dog etiquette will be required/Train your pet in proper ‘dog etiquette’ when visiting a ‘dog friendly’ hotel.

In some cases, the bad behavior of some dogs has caused some ‘dog friendly’ hotels to refuse to accept pets.

Clean up after dog walks and keep your dog on a leash at all times. A big complaint by other guests is continual dog barking, so do not leave your dog unattended in your hotel room.

Traveling With A Dog On An Airplane

If you are traveling by air, do realize that the procedures for transporting pets and the costs do vary between airlines.

Consider your destination and the risk of airline delays…Remember, your dog will be in a cage in the cargo hold for long hours in what could be extreme weather conditions, so any possibility of delay must be a consideration. Leaving your pet at home should then be considered.

Traveling With A Dog To Another Country

You must take into account the requirements of the country you want to visit when traveling abroad before making your travel arrangements.

Most countries will require ‘Pet Passports’ which will require rabies and other vaccinations.

Proof of vaccination will be required by Mexico and Canada.  Canada requires proof of rabies vaccination within the past three years, whilst Mexico requires proof of vaccination within the past year.

A six month quarantine period is still required in some countries.

Small dogs in approved crates are allowed to travel in the cabin with their owners on some airlines.

Whenever or however you travel with your dog, their safety and comfort must be your main consideration.

Our writer is mum to three dogs who keep her company in her office when she is working on her e-commerce sites, selling pursehangers, handbags and purse organizers.